March 17th and 18th 2017


During the last years dynamic macroeconomics experienced a revolution. With central banks all over the world hitting the zero lower bound and resorting to quantitative easing, the workhorse models used in quantitative macro that were built around central banks who set the interest reate, became almost impossible to apply. Almost a decade after the beginning of the Great Recession, it remains a key challenge to the profession to understand macroeconomic dynamics in a time, where the nominal interest rate is close to zero, monetary policy is based on quantities, and growth is persistently depressed.

On March 17th and 18th 2017 the School of Economics of Henan University (HenU) and the International Network for Economic Research (INFER)  devoted their third joint workshop on applied macroeconomics to those and related issues.

More information about the workshop can be found on our website


Keynote lectures

Harald Uhlig

Department of Economics, University of Chicago


Fabio Canova

Pierre Werner Chair, European University Institute


Special Issue

Selected, excellent papers will be considered for a special issue in Macroeconomic Dynamics.


Organization Committee

Makram EL-SHAGI (HenU / IWH)                                                         

ZHANG Lin (HenU)

Scientific Committee

Makram EL-SHAGI (Henu / IWH)

ZHANG Lin (HenU)


DONG Baomin (HenU)

Jarko FIDRMUC (Zeppelin University)

Jack HOU (CSULB / HenU)

JIANG Lunan (HenU)

JUNG Kuk Mo (HenU)

Frank SHAO (HenU)


Hojin JUNG (HenU)

Contact / Support

Kerstin EL-SHAGI

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