Prof. Jarko Fidrmuc


"Scholar from the Yellow River" - Distinguished Adjunt Professor from the California State University Long Beach, CA, US


Ph.D, Yale University, May 1989
M.Phil., Yale University, December 1988
M.A., Yale University, May 1987
B.A., National Taiwan University, June 1979


Selected Publications

  1. J. Hou: Economic Reforms of China: Cause and effects, in: Social Science Journal, 48(3): 419-439, September 2011
  2. J.Hou / K. Li: The Aging of the Chinese population and the cost of health care, in: Social Science Journal, 48 (3), 514-526, September 2011
  3. J.Hou: The role of the state in structural transition and economic crisis, in: Social Science Journal, 48(1), 1-12, January 2011