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Munechika Katayama (Kyoto University) - Uncertainty Shocks and the Relative Price of Investment Goods

Date and Time: December 23rd, 2016, 10:00 - 11:30 am

Room: A 101 in the Economics Building (Museum)


This study empirically shows that higher uncertainty leads to not only a simultaneous drop in consumption and investment, but also a rise in the relative price of investment goods. This negative relationship between the relative price and quantity of investment suggests that heightened uncertainty depresses investment as an adverse supply shock to the investment sector.

We demonstrate that a two-sector sticky price model with realistic asymmetric sectoral price rigidity can successfully account for our empirical findings. In particular, the underlying mechanism behind the negative relationship between the price and quantity of investment is limited intersectoral factor mobility. By contrast, the standard two-sector model featuring perfect factor mobility causes a negative co-movement between consumption and investment, contradicting the business cycle phenomenon.

About the speaker

Munechika Katayama is Professor at Kyoto University, Japan. His research interests are Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Applied Econometrics, and the Japanese Economy.

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